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The man behind the fashion label VAN WILDER will seduce, please and inspire every fashion lover to get the best out of their life. He would like to share his vision and eye for beauty and style.

As a way of appreciation of purchasing at VAN WILDER, you will automatically receive one or more gift cards which will be tagged to each outfit. These gift cards are valid with our partner stores and will give you the change to discover other related services.

Discover the collection & get inspired

Based on the Japanese philosophy, ‘naturalness’ is the key to and general guideline for every silhouette. These aspects translate each outfit into a stylish wearable piece of art. With an eye for detail, the use of high-end appreciated fabrics and the uniformity in colour each silhouette should be brought to another dimension.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them and translates this into personality.

VAN WILDER will forget the rules; so if you like it, wear it and VAN WILDER will support and thank you.

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Physical stores, showrooms, sales agents can increase the price of a product up to 400% from the original price. Buying directly from the brand allows to avoid middlemen and purchase quality garments at wholesale price.

The fashion label VAN WILDER is created by the designer– Pieter Van Wilder – to share his passion and love for fashion & design at reasonable price setting, avoiding to many players between the creative process and final sale.  The main vision of VAN WILDER is to create and launch High Fashion silhouettes, fashionable as seen on the catwalk and current trends keeping in mind, with eye for detail and the use of quality high fabrics – available for fashion lovers, either stylish women and men, at the best price setting as possible.  Therefore VAN WILDER focusses to sell directly from the brand to the customer.  All items created by VAN WILDER are available via the online store only and/or at related fashion events where VAN WILDER will show and promote the collection.