07 Mar 2017

Fashion seen from a different objective

Be aware & purchase with a mission

Sometimes people ask what inspired me to launch my own fashion label. First of all my passion for drawing and playing with fabrics, colours and different textures in order to create something ‘physical’. Something which reflects my inner-me and thoughts as a designer being. Secondly, to allow people to shine bright and to translate their very own personality. To create that ‘feel good moment’ we all crave.

However, with my fashion label VAN WILDER I want to be more then only a fashion brand regularly launching a new collection. As a designer I want to be in the position – how small this may be – to mean something as a human being and in this society. I would like to step away from purely commercial thinking. I would like to show my love for charity and try to share my view with the world.

I have been looking for an initiative in which I feel a huge affinity as a human being. Where fashion and different art forms can inflict will-power. But also a project where every support means something. Everybody knows somebody in his family and/or relatives who, unfortunately, was struck by cancer. I would like to introduce you WARRIORS CANCER PROJECT. A beautiful Belgian art project where this terrible disease stands central. A project where both myself as a person as well as a fashion label would be proud to show my support. The satisfaction you enjoy and the added value it poses as human being is priceless. The appreciation and the understanding pierces you to the very marrow.



‘The strength of a brush, a lens… a human being!’

 A person who fought or still fights against cancer. That was the stimulation of Warriors project. The result is translated into honest art photography, foreseen by a strong dose of fashion. No professional models, but people like you and me, fighting against this terrible disease. The ultimate goal of Warriors is to support young cancer patients who has been scarred for life due to the treatment and where both physical and mental injuries remain where the national health services doesn’t do any intervening. Concretely, the project tries to raise money to donate to ‘warriors’ who are in need of a reconstruction or psychotherapy, but cannot bear the financial part.

 Founder : Vanessa B. Vigna
Godmother : Gilda De Bal
Godfather : Stefaan De Clerck

More information about the project can be found on www.warriors-project.com.



For every sold outfit out of the collection ‘Simplicity is the key to Ultimate Beauty’, EUR 50,00 will be remitted to Warriors Cancer Project. Indirectly you support this project & you purchase with a mission to raise awareness.

Let us embrace beauty in all aspects of life and contribute something to those whose heart it animates…

Share your love for charity!
Shop the collection online at www.vanwilder.eu
Use voucher code WARRIORS at check-out process to join free shipping as well.

You will also receive a nice souvenir of the WARRIORS CANCER PROJECT that will give you an additional feeling of satisfaction.

Pieter Van Wilder
Fashion Designer & Stylist VAN WILDER